Thera are so many scents here - of wine, good food, of centuries old culture which is able to deeply define the landscapes and the soul of a territory which is amongst the most enchanting in Italy. It's the Alta Marca Trevigiana. A suggestive landscape made of steep slopes and mild declivities, dominated by a never-ending reticulum of vineyards.

The nature of the land and the climate influence the typical nature of our wines.

The lands are alluvial and mainly gravelly, of medium structure and fair fertility. These are the same lands of other specialities such as Trevisan radicchio. The climate in summer offers daily average temperatures of 28-30 degrees while the presence of the hills guarantees during the evening a temperature variation until 18 degrees.
That's why our Prosecco have this pleasant acidity, fresh scents, elegants and fruity, an enjoyable and balanced structures.

Worts and wines are pure grape juice, they are not manipulated but respected and they mature naturally. In addition to organoleptic quality of tastes and scents, we garantee also the food quality: high digestibility, cleanliness and freshness. They are the most intact is possible to achieve with our knowledge and experience.

Prosecco is a pure and sane cooler hours to maintain the scents.

The press is the most soft possible and the worts ferment at cool temperatures. The wines rest for a long time, without the men's interference, in the respect of the nature's times until they are already for consumption. Pure wines such ours satisfy the palate resulting pleasant to drink, balanced and harmonious.

Sarah's attention to sustainability in viticulture embraces the entire productive process, since the choise of the most suitable land to the one of the single vineyard. Environmental sustainability that protracts with extreme care to every agronomic practice on the vineyards, in all vinification and conservation stages, up to the sale of the wine to the taster.

Dreaming the future...the prerequisites are all there for a future rich of biological fruits.

Working well today means leaving an important endowment, give our children the possibilityto live in an environment where the air is pure like in the past and where the vineyards axpress their territory through a wine that speaks. it means giving our own contribution to the world with a bit of positivism and trust.

Conversion to Bio: a conscious decision and strongly motivated. The only option for the sustainability of the environment, for our health and for the quality of the finished product. Tradition and experimentation meet, in a journey of great responsibility.

Vigna di Sarah wants to produce biological quality wines and support the production of the native ones. The biological method certainly requires much more workforce, but transforms the vineyard in a garden where the ecosystem works. Where it's possible to walk in harmony with the nature. Through an ancient tradition and new technologies Vigna di Sarah is going along an ardous way, in which a hard work in vineyards and in cellar is required.

Thi is the organic way to grow the vines and make wines. A way for all the community, starting from people who lives in the around vineyards, to people who works with vines and to people who drinks our wines. To preserve nature and its wealth and abundance, to respect its phases is the only possible future in which Vigna di Sarah trusts.


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It is the first Prosecco born from a nocturnal harvest, with the idea of exploiting the cooler temperatures of the night to slow down the fermentation process of the freshly picked grapes, in order to preserve their aromas and scents.

It is a creamy sparkling wine with a very fine and persistent perlage.

Borgo Luna is an aromatic sparkling wine with a fine and persistent perlage. The grapes are harvested entirely by hand, during the month of September.

It is a Prosecco Brut DOCG. Each bunch from which this Prosecco comes from is harvested, strictly by hand, within a well-defined area, called Rive di Cozzuolo, which is one of the 43 banks recognized by the Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG district for its distinctive characteristics. Subject to reduced production, this area gives the product a characteristic acidity which gives the wine a particular freshness.

Prosecco Brut DOCG, Millesimato 2017. All the grapes used in its production are of the same vintage (or of the same year) of production. The Glera grape from which it is produced grows on a hill located 170 meters above sea level, whose fortunate position exposes it to the sun's rays throughout the day, giving this Prosecco Conegliano Vadobbiadene DOCG a particular softness.


!!! If you intend to buy bottles of Prosecco Wine, after completing the form with your shipping data, you will be asked to enter a DISCOUNT CODE 10 %. Use this: LVDS10 !!!


A brand - new Bed&breakfast based in Vittorio Veneto, among the Prosecco hills of Alta Marca Trevigiana, the same hills where Sarah's vineygard grows.

Very comfortable and well-equipped, it has been obtained from the recovery of a local farmhouse. Only forty minutes from Venice and an hour from Cortina d'Ampezzo, the pearl of Dolomites, it offers a really unique view that expands to the Venice Lagoon.

The building that houses this elegant, but at the same time characteristic farmhouse, guarantees the maximun tranquility and privacy of those who choose it: there are only three bedrooms, all of them are double bedrooms, one with an adjoining single bedroom. Each bedroom has its own bathroom complete with shower stall and all comforts.

 The kitchen is large and equipped. Guests can also use a dining room, a living room to relax in and, especially in spring and summer, an outside terrace which faces the Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG vineyards.

Breakfast is included in the overnight stay. Many are the activities that can be done by those who choose to stay here: from horse riding to hiking, from mountain bike rides to trekking, from cultural to religious visits, up to the participation in the harvest of Prosecco grape.

Despite the peace and tranquility of this place and in all the surroundings, the farmhouse La Vigna di Sarah is easy to reach, thanks toits strategic position less than one kilometer from the A27 highway exit, at Vittorio Veneto Sud.

It is the ideal place for a relaxing stay surrounded by nature, but also a break to unwind during a business trip, other than being a different and refined place where one can stop over to visit the most world renown and apprecited places in Veneto region.

Mini suite made of larch wood. Live the nature. Inspired by the new housing and space management needs to be in contact with the nature, united with the attention for ecology and building sustainability, the Lunottas are the ideal place to spend some days of relaxation, immersed in nature.

Materials of all Lunottas guarantee it, because of the presence of Swiss stone pine with its relaxing properties. Realized thinking about creating an intimacy but with all comforts, they are real and architectural works for green and open spaces perfect for those who love nature.